Dental Laboratory



Offers flexible business models to meet your clinic’s and dental lab’s unique needs. Our Design Center can make your job as a clinic and lab owner easier by reducing the amount of work performed in-house. We offer dentist, orthodontics and dental labs with a FREE INTRAORAL SCANNER to perform your day to day scanning needs. It’s so simple, easy and fast. The scanner software will create and sends us a STL file for processing of the restoration electronically. This will convert your dentistry and labs from an old fashion impression material and models to an up to date digital high tech state-of-art process. Also, you will save a lot on time and cost of impression materials. Full digital training will be provided.

Your Laboratory Partner

Our CAD/CAM specialists are experts in their field, and our 5-axis milling machines create consistent precise results. We help dentists, orthodontics and laboratories succeed by providing scanning, designing and milling services, returning the restorations ready from start to finish, we aim to be a valued resource and your partner.

CAD/CAM Technology

Our open architecture structure allows us to receive STL files from the leading scanner manufacturers. Based on your desired coping material, we execute the STL file to the appropriate milling machine from our state-of-the-art lineup.

CAD/CAM Technology

In its simplest terms, convergence manufacturing is the integration of traditionally separate functions into an automated process driven by CAD/CAM technology. Convergence manufacturing helps your clinic and laboratory meet your most important business objectives:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Faster Turn-around Time
  • Greater Profitability
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

We provide you with the essential elements needed to fabricate a complete restoration.

Services and Products


  • Full Contour
  • Full Contour Bridge
  • Coping
  • Coping Framework

Zirlux FC2

  • Full Contour
  • Full Contour Bridge
  • Coping
  • Coping Framework

BruxZir 16

  • Full Contour
  • Full Contour Bridge


  • Lava Plus Full Contour
  • Lava Plus Full Contour Bridge
  • Lava Plus Coping
  • Lava Plus Coping Framework
  • Lava Ultimate Single

Katana Multi-Layered

  • Full Contour Single Unit
  • Full Contour Single Framework


  • IPS e-max Milled Single Unit
  • IPS e-max Milled Bridge
  • Empress Milled Single


  • Laser Sintered Single Unit
  • Laser Cintered Framework
  • Milled Single Unit
  • Milled Framework

Temporaries / Provisional

  • PMMA

Final Restorative Options

  • Ti/Cr-Co Framework
  • Zirconia Coping Framework
  • Full-Contour Zirconia Bridge


  • Single Unit
  • Framework


  • Single Unit
  • Framework

Custom Abutments

  • Titanium or Cr-Co
  • Zirconia
  • Screws
  • Scanning Locator


  • Titanium
  • Cr-Co

Pre-Milled Interface

  • Neoss Titanium
  • Neoss Zirconia
  • Neoss Scanning Locator
  • Neoss Screw
  • Camlog Zirconia

Screw Retained Bridges

  • Titnium
  • Cr-Co
  • Zirconia


  • RP Models
  • Quadrant (upper & lower)
  • Full Arch (upper & lower)
  • Wax Print / Milled
  • Coping 1 to 9 units
  • Coping 10 to 19 units
  • Coping 20+ units
  • Full Contour


  • Stain and Glaze
  • Crystallization of IPS e-max
  • Design Full Contour
  • Design Coping from STL
  • Impression Scan